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Our NEXT Peer Support MEETINGS are on Wednesdays 14th July and 11th Aug at 7:30pm.


COVID-19 - We are a COVID-19 safe site. We adhere to the policy

of Tumut Community Church, where we hold our meetings.

To view this policy, click the "COVID SAFE" button.

Who is FAFS?
Who is FAFS?
FAFS is a community-based support group for people whose lives are impacted by the behaviours of friends, family members, or relatives who are affected by addictions.
It does not matter what type of addiction your friend / family member / relative may have – if your life is being impacted by their behaviour, then this group is for you.
We offer the support of other people going through the same issues as yourself. You are not alone in your struggles … we never judge, and we understand because we are all “walking the same road”.
In our meetings we ….  Share our story …. Offer support for one another …. Offer advice on professional services / support agencies that may be of help …. Have various professionals speak on occasions.
At FAFS we are all equal – we offer you a community of people who truly understand the issues that you are dealing with, and we support one another in those struggles. We cannot fix the addictions of your loved one, but we can help you be better equipped, better supported, and truly cared for by a group of people who understand.


Support groups bring together people who are going through or have gone through similar experiences. There are more people in Tumut who are affected by the actions of addicted loved ones than you realise.

FAFS support group provides an opportunity for people to share personal experiences and feelings, coping strategies, and firsthand information about addiction and its ongoing impact on families. 


There is no limit on gender, race, or any religious or cultural affiliations. Anyone 18 years or over can attend a FAFS group.

For many people, a support group fulfills the need for emotional support that they cannot get from other people who do not understand their situation. A person's relationship with a doctor or counselor may not provide adequate emotional support, and a person's family and friends may not understand the impact on your life. A support group among people with shared experiences can function as a bridge between medical and emotional needs.

Benefits of participating in a support group may include:

  • Reducing distress, depression, anxiety or fatigue

  • Talking openly and honestly about your feelings

  • Improving skills to cope with challenges

  • Staying motivated to manage chronic ongoing situations

  • Gaining a sense of empowerment and  hope

  • Improving understanding of addiction and your own experience with it

  • Getting practical feedback about treatment options for you and your loved one

  • Learning about health, economic and other social resources


FAFS meetings contain an education component, and we start with an agreement about guidelines which encompasses anonymity with an agreed set of guidelines, reinforcing anonymity and respect for everyone attending the group. The sharing component is only if you wish to share and we keep the focus on you, so that you can gain the most from the group.


Our aim is for you to become stronger and more resilient, and in turn be the best you can be for yourself and your loved one. 

What is a Support Group?
What is a FAFS Group?
When and where?
When and Where?

FAFS meets 7:30pm every second Wednesday of the month during the NSW School Term.


We meet at the Tumut Community Church building

72 Fairway Drive (at the Golf Club turn-off).

More Information - Contact
More Information -


PO Box 483

Tumut, NSW 2720


Eddie Olsen

0447 973 044


Phone / Online Help
Phone / Online Help


FDH offers a confidential telephone service which provides support, information, strategies and referrals to family members and friends in need.


Understand Ice offers support to young people who are using ice, or contemplating using ice, their friends and family, through what can be a difficult period.


Offers online and phone support to families affected by drug use.


If you have a family member or a friend with a drug or alcohol related issues, you can call them to find out about how the alcohol and drug treatment system works and what treatment and support options are available to the person you are concerned about.


Provides links to Government funded support services for families affected by someone's alcohol or other drug use. 


Offers phone and online crisis support.


Beyond Blue offers 24/7 phone support from a person who understands your struggles. No matter what the issue, they are available for support.


Here you will find a range of links to useful sites and information about drinking and alcohol.


Offers free Australian health advice and drug-help advice.



Youth Drug and Alcohol Advice service based in Victoria. Whether you are a young person, or someone concerned, YoDAA provides the simplest way to access the information and support that you need.



Offers a wide range of information resources for Parents, Teachers, Students, Care-Givers, as well as Indigenous-focused information.


A Support Group for Grandparents raising Grandchildren. Meets monthly in Wagga Wagga.

Peer Leader Toolkit

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